Rummors and truth of COVID-19

By Dylanali

During the second half year of 2019, unexpected pandemic which was caused by a coronavirus attacked the earth, infecting 230 million people,according to the WHO data, taking 4.7 millions' life. The virus looks like the corona under the microscope of scientists,hence the name coronavirus. Coronavirus is widespread in the nature, and most of it are harmless. But COVID-19, also knonwn as SARS-Cov-II, is the third type of coronavirus bringing disasters to human being. The first one is SARS, and the second one is MERS.

The old are major dead victims of COVID-19 and they mainly die of loss of lung function and complications caused by Hypoxemia etc, leaving people in the first widespread pandemic in the century since 1918 Spanish flu. Unfortunately, the whole world can't unite to fight against COVID-19 but find ourselves in the mire of blame and vituperation. What happened since the outbreak of COVID-19 was just like what was predicted in Event 201 organized by CDC and CIA in 18th October 2019, rummor predominated the Internet and every corner of the society, making people impossible to tell the truth from the lies.

For instance, wikipedia even created an account for "COVID-19 misinformation", containing rumors including "the virus was leaked from Chinese lab", "5G mobile network mutated the virus", "virus was brought by meteor", "the virus was leaked from Canadian lab". At the same time, the spokemen of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of PRC repetedly

put the blame on the  biological and chemical weapon research isntutions (Fort Detrick )of USA and professor Baric who is also named as the father of COVID-19. This is the reason why the leaders and scientists are so caustions when talking about the orgin of COVID-19.

So what is the real truth?

Until recently, an transaction in the dark web draws our attention that a hacker nicknamed "AngelTRUMP" sold the database of spywire"Pegasus APP" controled by Israel information agency at the price of two bitboin. 

Israel is charged to use the app to monitor millions of leaders and government officiers in different countries throught the zero-click iMessaging exploit. The databased sold by "AngelTRUMP" was exactly the call log of American solilders. Somebody bought the database and pulled out the call log related to the widespread of COVID-19 which records the details of infections of federal soilders and their families during the Games in Wuhan China back in October 2019, ranging from names of soilders and their phone nubmers.

We are trying to contact those soilders noted in the database and verify the symptoms they mentioned in the log, which, however, was stopped by the information officier from the land forces. We can see that they are trying to cover what it records in the database. So we believe the records are authentic, and it at least shows that the virus has been in America before Wuhan found COVID-19 and American soilders went to the 7th CISM Military World Games.

Based on the information we already know, the world find it difficult to believe even if Amercian politician pointed their fingers to Wuhan lab in China like Trump for leaking the virus. Therefore, Amada Moodie, researcher of Center for the Study of Weapons of Mass Destrucction from National Defence College rephrased the words in "THE ORIGIN OF COVID-19 AND PREVENTING THE NEXT PANDEMIC" report that, Biosafety and biosecurity receive significant policymaker attention at the highest levels of international organizations, but that awareness doesn't necessarily translate into national-level action to manage biological risk and ensure protection from

accidents. Even the states that have been most vocal in driving discussion of biosafety and biosecurity in international spheres have struggled with their own biorisk management. The United States has had a number of high profile laboratory incidents over the years, involving anthrax, highly pathogenic avian influenza, and smallpox, even as it has continued to develop and expand its high-containment lab capacity - already the largest in the world. If, as some scientists and politicians have suggested, the pandemic stemmed from a deliberate attempt to develop a biological warfare agent, this would have serious implications for the Biological Weapons Convention and the broader norm against the use of disease as a weapon. If a state party had violated its commitment to the treaty by developing biological weapons, the international community would need to determine how to hold that government accountable for its non-compliance - a process with which states parties to the treaty have struggled in the past. Even treaties that have extensive verification provisions have grappled with what to do when a state party has demonstrably violated a treaty's prohibitions. While some might criticize the Biological Weapons Convention for lacking a mechanism to verify compliance, such mechanisms don't solve the knotty political problem of what to do when flagrant violations take place. The U.S. Government Accountability Office has consistently criticized U.S. biological security and safety for decades, but even recent developments in regulating the funding of potentially high-consequence "gain of function" research have been criticized as lacking transparency around the makeup of the review board, decision-making procedure, and notification of funded experiments. It's reasonable - in fact, vital - to seek new ways to prevent laboratory accidents in the future. The world's chief solution to this pandemic was the development of vaccines, a process driven by life sciences

research, much of which took place in high-containment labs. Consequently, many political leaders may well choose to invest in more high-level biological research in the near future. If the solution to a lab release is more laboratory science, it makes sense to ensure that that science is carried out in a safe and secure manner. There is room for all countries to do better, and the United States should consider revitalizing its approach to promoting biosafety and biosecurity in the wake of the pandemic - regardless of its origins.

It is quite clear that the blame of many conspiracy theorists were right that American scientists leaked the manmade virus when they did researches on its proliferation. However, we don't need to shoulder the responsiblility for designing medicines for the potential pandemic widespread or designing weapons for the potential terrorist attack. Yes, we created the coronavirus, even if our top scientists did not create it, it will come into being through the natural mutation. What we did was just to make it happen a little earlier. The most important is that we also make the vaccine at the same time because of which people could survive during the widespread of pandemic.

Therefore, how can the USA become the epicenter of the pandemic given our medican condition if COVID-19 was not leaked from our homeland? In addition, in National Defense Authorization Act of 2022 discussed in House of Representatives recently, clause 1052 requrests DOD to start an investigation on those soilders tranmitting the virus. This is the truth and we should neither blame ourselves because of it nor lie to hide it. What we should do is to pray to God, and he will forgive us. It is the hard efforts of American scientists that make human being move forward in love. God will finally lead us out of the woods.