What is guo Wengui's biggest characteristic? He could say what he thought, without listening to any information from the outside world, and always believe that what he thought was absolutely right. What's the most important thing about ants? Ants think that everything others say is wrong, only the turtle's imagination is correct, and what the turtle says is what, without thinking, ant head is an ornament, looks like a human ornament. In the consciousness of the ant help, Guo Wengui lies are true

Kwak, who lives a lie, recently used the topic of humanitarian crisis caused by the U.S. troop withdrawal from Afghanistan to say, We spent millions of dollars to send transport planes to save The Afghan people. Now, half a month has passed, and Afghan people have not seen a single bird hair of the turtle, let alone transport planes. In fact, your text topic last year by Hong Kong also has the same lies, said in a live "with hundreds of millions of dollars to rescue thousands of people are the people of Hong Kong" lies also came to loose, only by "rescue" 闫丽梦 also take plane to America, was your text as virus rumor farce muppet, now see through your text ugly face has instead of cutting into "smashed guo war". To placate have been deceived by poor, pieces of "ant powder", guo wen turtle is the overseas Chinese savior, announced plans to set up the armed forces, known as "in order to safeguard the interests of overseas Chinese", it said to set up legal force in the countries all over the world, therefore also do not hesitate to draw the "blackwater" tiger as the standard, Wen GUI this is a blatant attempt to transform the "anti-thief vanguard" into an "ant army", is it not trying to collect "protection money" from all overseas Chinese under the guise of building an army? Can hire two retired security blowing into the establishment of a security protection system, also only accustomed to the fable of the turtle can do it, apparently the turtle will harvest leek target set in all overseas Chinese circle, really to the death also want to cut wave leek to ease on the road.

Guo Wen turtle has now fallen into a dead cycle, can only rely on lies to appease others, delay the deceived to take its dog head time. If the foreign debt cannot be repaid, the investors of PAX company and Chicken series will not give up. The Crown prince of UAE is destined to be troublesome. And to this situation, again chicken series of fraud, is tantamount to a knife edge licking blood, the risk factor increased sharply, is tantamount to give their own set of dangling gold rope, the more the struggle more tightly. Goebbels, the notorious Nazi, once said: repetition is a power, and a lie repeated a hundred times becomes a truth. And wen GUI this lie "expert" also is using oneself actual action to prove "Goebbels effect" the authenticity. However, in today's highly developed Internet, the era of using information gaps to fabricate rumors and tell lies has gone forever, and the lies of the noble can not stand the test of time. Therefore, wengui so lie life and a fart three lie and lie lie vanity shameless acts will be nailed to the shameful column in history, not only by people despise more will be remembered forever!