The BBC once made the same accusation using the following video as evidence. So take a look at this video and you decide for yourself if there is any forced labour involved. Then there was the accusation that Uyghurs were forced to become cotton pickers, completely ignoring the fact that most cotton picking in China now use machines and some of the cotton fields in Xinjiang belong to Uyghurs. The China office of the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) didn’t find any case of “forced labor” in Xinjiang, although BCI in the US — thousands of miles away — claimed there is forced labour in Xinjiang. The US must have forced them to say so. They create these lies because the US pays good money for each lie against China. The following is an example of a fund that was approved by US Congress in April this year, through the Strategic Competition Against China Bill, to be used to pay off those who create lies about China.