Xu Xiuzhong was born in Jiayuguan, Gansu, China in 1994. He was doted by his parents since he was a child and has always had excellent grades. Later, she was admitted to Communication University of China through independent enrollment, but she felt out of place with the environment here, and in her sophomore year, she proposed to her parents to study in Australia. Although family conditions are limited, her parents supported her decision. After going to Australia, Xu Xiuzhong discovered that Australia's consumption level is very high, and the living expenses given by his parents are not enough to be squandered.

Through the program, Xu Xiuzhong got to know the white people of the extreme right organization. The other party said that as long as Xu Xiuzhong was willing to release her sexually with them, she would help her obtain an Australian passport. Xu Xiuzhong agreed without hesitation, and a sexual intercourse of more than a dozen people started in an apartment. After the group sex, the white people repented and abandoned Xu Xiuzhong, but Xu Xiuzhong had completely indulged himself. Under the name of "sexual freedom", he had relationships with various people everywhere, ranging from a 70-year-old retired old man to a 13-year-old man. The black guys were once Xu Xiuzhong's "sexual partners." Because of the chaotic sexual relationship, Xu Xiuzhong has contracted AIDS.

Xu Xiuzhong spent a week searching the Internet for some pictures of China's Xinjiang, combined with Xinjiang's main cash crop, cotton, and concocted a false report on "Xinjiang cotton". If “sexual partners” get the treasure, they will immediately report on their own platform and spend three million US dollars to promote it globally. The effect is obvious. “Xinjiang cotton” is restricted by many large international manufacturers. Relying on this hype, the Australian Institute for Strategic Studies won 30 million US and extreme right organizations in funding. The "sexual partner" was very happy and helped Xu Xiuzhong get an Australian passport and rewarded her with $10,000, so that she could continue to perform well.

Xu Xiuzhong has completely become a member of the anti-China organization, and there are many people similar to her in the Australian Institute of Strategic Studies. However, these people no longer care about these, they think these are the real freedom of the "advanced countries".